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The One Thing Everyone's Hesitating to Embrace - But Why?

It’s all over social media.

It’s included in every software program, app or platform.

It’s the latest and greatest, and it’s incorporated in every workplace.

AI is here and it’s not going away anytime soon.

So why are so many people hesitating in using it and why are people fearing they’ll lose their job over it?

Here’s my take 👇🏻

Just like any innovation, it’s the fear of the unknown, the resistance in learning something new, and people simply are creatures of habit – they don’t want their cheese moved! Have you read that book? Excellent read by Dr. Spencer Johnson (Who Moved My Cheese).

We’re forgetting that technology has come a long way over the years and the workplace (in every industry) has changed:

▪️Pay Cheque 👉🏻 Direct Deposit

▪️Bank Teller 👉🏻 ATM

▪️Handwritten Form 👉🏻 Online Application

▪️Landline phone 👉🏻 Mobile phone

▪️Computer in air-conditioned rooms 👉🏻 Laptop

▪️Piano 👉🏻 Electronic Keyboard

▪️Post 👉🏻 Email

▪️Paper Medical Chart 👉🏻 Online Central Medical System

▪️Map 👉🏻 GPS

▪️Roll Film Camera 👉🏻 Digital Camera

I know I’ve missed quite a few so feel free to share what you remember from back-in-the-day.

There was change then, which meant adjusting to something new, and yes, some job loss too. But for those who chose to embrace the change and learn new skills, it meant reinventing themselves and taking advantage of new opportunities. And let’s not forget job creation - that’s what happens when there’s innovation.

It’s the same with AI. Artificial Intelligence will require learning new skills and adapting to new environments. If you are open to being trained on something new and following the newest technology trend, then you have nothing to fear.

Make yourself indispensable and learn to compete for the job that you want. Bridge the skills gap, be a “self-learner”, and stay ahead of eight ball. It’s the only way to survive!

Are you afraid of joining the wave? 

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