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Alternatives to Salary Increases

The best way to support your employees through the inflation crisis is to offer salary increases or bonuses, right?

But what if your business can’t afford to do that?

What if it’s just not in your budget?

Here are some other benefits that can be offered without a huge impact on your bottom line.

  1. Flexible working hours and remote work options.

  2. Group Benefits: Health Insurance, Dental & Vision coverage, Life Insurance.

  3. Professional Development (job related courses, certificates, diplomas)

  4. Wellness Programs

  5. Paid Vacation

  6. Paid Sick Days

  7. Retirement Planning

  8. Mentoring Opportunities

  9. Childcare Assistance

  10. Discount on company products and services

I can help you brainstorm through some these ideas and implement them quickly and effortlessly.

Just know that for some people it’s not always about the money - flexibility and choice can go a long way! And it can help with retention strategies.

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