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Don't Do Performance Reviews! Do THIS Instead...

Do you dread one-on-one meetings with your employees?

Do you feel like you don’t know how to structure the meeting?

Do you wonder what they expect from you during that meeting?

Do you doubt your leadership skills and wonder how you could do better?

If this is YOU dear Leader, I just might have a solution.

Try implementing WEEKLY Touchpoint Meetings!

Ok, I realize that once a week may seem like a lot but hear me out.


Annual performance reviews are a complete waste of time (in my opinion).


Let's face it—annual performance reviews often fall short of expectations. They're time-consuming, demotivating, and fail to capture the essence of day-to-day work. Both employees and managers dread this annual ritual, viewing it as a mere “tick-the-box” process.


Believe it or not, forward-thinking companies abandoned traditional performance reviews over 15 years ago. By eliminating this outdated practice, businesses have saved countless person-hours and fostered genuine conversations with tangible outcomes.


In most cases, the famous “bell curve” in performance reviews must be followed, which means that out of 10 people, no matter how good everyone is:


2 people are going to get a great review.

7 are going to get mediocre reviews.

And 1 person is going to get a bad review.


This system fosters internal competition rather than collaboration and growth.

Here’s my take:


If your people excel, acknowledge their achievements promptly and publicly. Celebrate their hard work and dedication without the need for scheduled evaluations.


To create a culture of excellence, consistent feedback is vital. In fact, a Gallup survey revealed that only 14% of employees feel motivated to improve based on their annual reviews - a telling statistic.


You can still plan for the future. You can still brainstorm about priorities and obstacles.

Without the dreaded annual review.


Instead of focusing on annual rituals, prioritize regular 1:1 discussions. These ongoing dialogues provide opportunities for praise, constructive feedback, and open communication between employees and management.


My approach to HR is straightforward and results-driven, centered on fostering a culture of respect and continuous improvement. A weekly touchpoint meeting can serve as the cornerstone of this approach, facilitating meaningful discussions that address the real issues affecting your team.


Treat people with respect, be fair and tell them when they’ve done a good job.

That’s great leadership!



I invite you to use my FREE Weekly Touchpoint Meeting document to kickstart this transformative journey today.




Touchpoint Meeting - One on One
Download PDF • 94KB

P.S. I'm available for a 30-minute call to further discuss how Weekly Touchpoint Meetings can elevate your leadership and HR practices.

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