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Does my business require an Employee Handbook?

An employee handbook is a valuable tool that gives employees a variety of information to help them understand employment expectations, handle issues, reference policies, and learn what's acceptable in the workplace.

It provides guidance and sets precedence - dealing with your people issues in a consistent manner builds a culture of trust and loyalty.

This is what should be included in a handbook:

Welcome & Introduction

Compliance and Legal Requirements

Pay Process & Timekeeping

Work Hours

Dress Code

Holidays Observed

Vacation Entitlement

Leaves of Absence

Attendance & Punctuality

Group Insurance & Benefits

Health & Safety

Social Media/Cell Phone Use

Employee Conduct

Performance Management

End of Employment

These policies may not all apply to your business but they are a great starting point.

When was the last time you revised your employee handbook?

How often do you update it?

Do you have one?

Maybe it’s time.

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