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How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview

The job market is pretty hot right now. Job openings and the number of people leaving a job voluntarily are near record highs which means that job seekers are gaining more power as the labour shortage continues.

If you are someone on the job market right now, here are 5 tips on interviewing remotely.

  1. Come Prepared: Double-check the calendar invite and ensure you have the most updated software. Most companies prefer Zoom. Try and log on 10-15 minutes earlier to make sure everything works well.

  2. Actively Participate: Take a proactive approach when learning about the company. Research the company and the employees and curate thoughtful and important questions to ask the interviewer. I have a list of questions if you need ideas.

  3. Avoid Distractions: Find a quiet, comfortable place where you’ll be able to sit undisturbed for the duration of your interview. I don’t recommend a coffee shop - the background noise is very distracting. Remember to turn off notifications on your phone and desktop, and try to wear earphones to block out noise.

  4. Dig In: Explore the job description and prepare examples of how your past experience aligns with the expectations of the role. Also identify any of the skills you’d be bringing to the role.

  5. Be a STAR: Research the STAR method, and use it to help you craft answers to behavioural interview questions. Try and think of examples of situations you’ve been in so that you don’t feel stuck in the interview.

DM if you need HR help and share this with someone who's on a job search. Good luck!

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