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Job Offer - 20 things you can negotiate

In a world where employees seek choices and flexibility, and with rising talent shortages, here are 20 things you can negotiate in a job offer - apart from salary.

Keep in mind that there’s more to negotiate in a job offer than just a base salary. And depending on the job, one or several of these options may be more valuable than a higher base salary – or an alternative if you’re not offered the salary you want:

  1. Job title

  2. Vacation allowance

  3. Flexibility around working remotely

  4. Sign-on bonus

  5. Tuition reimbursement

  6. Professional memberships

  7. Commuting allowance

  8. Work schedule

  9. Earlier performance and salary review date

  10. Guaranteed first-year bonus

  11. Scope of the role

  12. Reporting relationship

  13. Guaranteed pay bump after six months or one year

  14. Size and makeup of the team, for a management role

  15. Business budget (marketing, expenses, training)

  16. Employment contract terms (severance package upon dismissal other than for cause)

  17. Equity

  18. Bonus plan structure

  19. Automatic/negotiated annual cost of living increase

  20. Perks: health and life insurance, gym/wellness allowance, car allowance, profit sharing,

Know your worth and negotiate accordingly - good luck!

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